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Bringing music, art & literature to all ages and abilities since 1998.

DeCamville Arts is here to enrich your life with the Arts!
Unique, customized virtual classes are open to all ages and abilities.  
The DeCamville Arts Stories are the first and only of their kind.

Take your time and look around. *hands you your favorite beverage*
If you need anything at all or just want to say hello, I would love to hear from you.
I'll be at the bottom of the page. 
Cristin DeCamville

7 DeCamville Arts Books on a bookshelf with a plant
text says online classes and is clickable to go to the classes tab. A table holds an open book, a cup of colored pencils and a microphone, representing the music, art and literature elements of the classes. The 7 DeCamville Arts books line a shelf next to a brown leather couch and a large plant and a photo of Cristin DeCamville, the teacher.
A colorful abstract painting has the DeCamville Arts Mission Statement: To help others express themselves, learn new things, and feel love. The abstract painting features a red heart, bright blue waves to resemble water, orange streaks and specks to indicate fire, blue across the top with yellow dots indicating stars in the night sky. This is from the book entitled "Paintbrush" where an art therapist helps a man with an intellectual disability preserve happy memories of his late grandfather.
A laptop and cellphone showing Cristin's photo is next to contact information including phone number 716-288-5944 and the email click to open an email to

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