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Mission Statement: To help others express themselves and feel love.

As a specialized Music & Art teacher in the Great Lakes region of New York, I’ve enjoyed offering a number of creative experiences since 1998. From private piano lessons to art and music classes, there have been a lot of smiles here over the years! (I've shared some of my favorite memories below.) I'm now thrilled to honor those relationships in stories created specifically for my friends with intellectual disabilities. Our celebrations, dances, and art sessions can now be enjoyed by everyone through a new collection of fiction books called DeCamville Arts Stories

DeCamville Arts Stories

by Cristin DeCamville

The first of their kind, these stories are thoughtfully written especially for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities such as Down syndrome, autism or TBI. Great care is taken with every aspect of the reader's experience. 

*Relatable characters and settings.

*Reader-friendly font in large print.

*Each page has just a few easy-to-read sentences.

*No awkward page turns mid-sentence.

*Each page holds a complete thought.

*Plenty of good stopping places.

*Minimal illustrations offer a dignified reading experience.

*Discussion pages at the end offer clarity, whether for a classroom or someone reading individually.

Companion Cupcake, Heart, and Paintbrush blank notebooks are excellent for classrooms or individual gifts. Express yourself!

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The Books

With only two days left, will Eric get a date in time for the Valentine's Dance?


When Charlie loses his grandfather, an art therapist helps him feel better with a simple Paintbrush.


Does becoming an adult mean you have to drink coffee and drive the car?! You're invited to follow Ella through her 18th Birthday!

*Very Easy-to-read

Music & Art Classes 

Treats & Tunes

Customized Private Lessons

Paint With Me


My favorite thing is seeing others surpass their own expectations when they bravely step into the world of music and art. With gentle guidance, we can embrace creativity and expression together.

Cristin DeCamville
Artist, Musician, Author, Friend

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