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Text reads Online Group Book Club and shows a beautiful office with an iMac computer with an online class of happy teen and adult students with Down syndrome holding books

In our Book Club...

Connections are made, imaginations are fueled, skills are learned, and a lot of fun is had by everyone! Reading skills, confidence, social skills, focus, keeping place in a book, remembering whose turn it is to read aloud, listening skills, comprehension, finding pages, reading the table of contents, prediction skills, context cues, differing opinions, rich discussions, summarizing, recall, making each other laugh... I could go on and on and on! I encourage you to check out "The Value of Virtual Classes" as it lists many more of the benefits of this wonderful class. 

This Group Book Club meets online once a month (we enjoy a break in December) to read together and discuss one of the DeCamville Arts Stories. (Check out the Books!)  You can see the books we will be reading and the 2024 dates under the Upcoming Events. These are 90-minute sessions with around half a dozen individuals led by me (Cristin DeCamville). 


We typically take turns reading a page each in turn, discussing the story as we go. This includes the discussion pages at the end of each book.


*No reading skills necessary.

*Participation is flexible.

It is okay to just listen to the story and conversation if that's the best way for your loved one to enjoy this experience. 

*No age requirements, although you'll learn under the BOOKS section which stories are best for which ages.

*$30 nonrefundable per session.

Space is always limited, so reach out at any time to inquire about reserving a spot, even if a session is months away. We would love to have you join us!

a beautiful light white and aqua painted canvas background.jpg
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