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a beautiful light white and aqua painted canvas background.jpg
a beautiful light white and aqua painted canvas background.jpg


The Value of Virtual Classes Virtual classes offer maximum support with maximum independence. That's magic. Read on to see how...

A desk with plants and goldfish is next to an iMac computer showing an online class with Cristin and 5 students with Down syndrome each smiling and holding the book entitled Bloom Dogs.

This Group Book Club meets online once a month (December break) to read together and discuss one of the DeCamville Arts Stories...

A high class room with stylish orange chairs and a grand piano against a teal wall. A small table holds a vase of flowers, a book, colored pencils and nearby is a microphone. A row of black and white photos of students with Down syndrome are playing various instruments, singing, reading, and writing stories. Text reads Customized Online Fine Arts Class

I chose these photos because each was a truly candid moment, capturing the essence of what we do.

This Fine Arts Class is a completely unique experience for each person. Weekly 1:1 sessions incorporate the arts in whatever way best serves the student, while...

We enjoy year-round weekly classes, breaking just for holidays.

Email, Call or Text for more information and class availability.


Monday through Sunday 10AM-10PM

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